It’s no longer a speculation that the Corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) second wave is coming and it’s time for everyone to brace up and get ready or get crushed.

 A study on the novel Corona virus revealed that it has an over 99.76% recovery rate, as calculated by worldometer. However, it have had great impact on the economy.

To stay financially ahead, it very necessary you start by paying attention to your health. To maintain a good health, experts advise You boost your immune systems using organic food such as fruits and vegetables; rich in vitamin A,C and E, sources of zinc and potassium while following safety tips and procedures as prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO).

Stay healthy to stay at top of your game. Remember failure permits no alibis

If you can read up this article and apply the knodgledge that is shared by the writer, you will not only survive the financial crash that will render a lot of millionaires bankrupt but you will be able to thrive and 10x your reserve in this time of economic tsunami

We have all witnessed how the COVID19 first phase of global lockdown have weakened most sections of the global economy — production, transportation, entertainment, stock market, oil market and major businesses across the globe. 

There have been lots of speculation, as people are beginning to believe that the virus is a synthetic product from the Chinese laboratory, to conquer and take over the global economy. I really don’t trust this to be true, however the COVID19 have developed from a health issue to an economic disaster and you can agree with me that most sections of the economy are yet to recover of which you might be directly or indirectly affected.


When written in Chinese, the word crisis is consist of two characters, one represent danger and the other opportunity”

John F kennedy

The essence of sharing the good and the bad effects of this time is to get you prepared. People who succeed at the end are those who acquire all the informations necessary which helps them make informed decisioms and proactive actions

Gathering vital informations and keeping an open mind keeps you physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared. Ignorance is dangerous at this time.

Let me begin by sharing the bad news as you are probably aware of – A lot of businesses were adversely affected by the first global lockdown, many are yet to recover and more are definitely going to be crushed by the lockdown that will be caused by the  second wave of the virus, the massive loss of jobs are ripples of business collapse and contractions as over 54 million jobs were lost in the United States alone in this first wave.

Emmanuel Macron, French president warned that the virus is circulating faster than the most pessimistic projections and that the second surge will probably be harder and deadlier than the first as reported by Reuters.

Individuals and businesses will be taken unaware and this means that it’s going to be another season of massive wealth transfer. Income earners, big and small businesses and organization’s will be affected greatly.

We are approaching that time in history when you will be disappointed by the cash you stacked up in the bank or under your bunkers. This article therefore is written to prepare you for the journey ahead, telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. Remember the famous words of Sir Winston Churchill

“They who failed to plan are already planning to fail” –

Sir Winston Churchill

The good news is this; Smart Investors are going to take advantage of these whole thing. Multimillionaires and billionaires will be produced by this second lock down and it have already begun—It’s going to be “that time of massive wealth transfer of the 21st century that will go down in history” Are you getting ready?


When central banks buy a security, they pay it with money they create out of thin air. There is more money in circulation, BUT NOT MORE GOODS AND SERVICES. That’s how they debase the currency, lower its purchasing power, and make you poorer.

— Maxime Bernier

The world banks have pumped more than $9 trillion USD into the global economy in less than 5 months

“If you brought a group of Economist from 2008 to present day and told them that Central bank have injected over $9 trillion ( Nine trillion USA dollars) and still looking for ways to boost more inflation, they would never believe  you”

— (Micheal Pearce at CAPITAL ECONOMICS)

 Money is a representation of value, and if more money is continuously added without people adding adquate value., this devalues the existing money, makes your savings worthless and makes you poorer. This is why savers are losers and Smart Investors are Winners.

The United States dollar have lost over 96% of it’s value in 49 years. This means that in 1971, 4 Cents had same purchasing power as One dollar, and 4 dollars could buy same thing as a hundred dollar today.

More money pumped to keep the stock market afloat

Now that you’ve have finally understand the fate of your savings, what exactly are you going to do to protect yourself? Experts predicted that the second wave of the virus might result in a Hyper-inflation (Hyper-inflation is a term to describe rapid, excessive, and out-of-control general price increases in an economy) because the Central banks will continue to produce more money out of thin air in their effort to heal the world of the pandemic and and sustain the global economy. The big question today is — how long will they be able to sustain this?

“We ladies and gentlemen of the human race are in a period of great danger and opportunity”

— David Icke (interviewed on economic impact of COVID19)

Unfortunately most Nigerians believe that the Naira is the only currency that’s affected by the free fall, but fail to realize that this is a global phenomenon and that their dollar savings have lost over 15% of its value since February and that this drop in value is expected double by the end of 2021 as predicted by financial experts.

Smart people are leveraging on smart and tangible assets that not only secure their money, but also produces 10x returns on investment


What’s your investment protection strategy? The stock market and most other virtual investments have proven to be very volatile. Just like the balloon, they are inflated and deflated at the slightest shift of human emotion and we appear to be in the most volatile period right now because the stock market is kept afloat by the continuous printing of money by the forces that dictate the sound of the music. Is the bubble going to last or burst sooner or later? The first wave of the COVID19 lockdown should be a case study. Like a peep into the future.

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Do you really think Real estate would be a better hedge against a hyper inflation?

It might look clever to invest in real estate as a hyper inflation protection strategy, but if its not done with absolute due diligence and proper analysis might give worst result than saving cash in the bank This is the reason why I recommend you read – five most important questions you must ask before investing in Real Estate? and 7 Smartest Ways To Invest In Real Estate.

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The sad truth is that opportunity doesn’t knock twice. You might put things off until tomorrow but that tomorrow may never come. Where will you be a few years down the line? Will you be every thing you dreamt of? We seal our fate with the choices we take

-Gloria Estefan

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