In this article, I am going to be exposing the secret of maintaining maximum profit while investing in real estate. This secrets will include proven formulas of world millionaires and billionaire real estate investors —The likes of Donald Brien, Donald Trump, Ken McElroy, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki etc and same formulae I have also used personally to 10x my real estate investment in less than 3 years. The most interesting thing here is that I am going to be breaking this secret strategies down in such a way that even a 9 year old who is interested in acquiring the fortunes of life blessings through real estate investing can understand and apply them.

This formula works for everyone – new investor, old investor, low income earner, high income earner, business people, politician, and even student. But only those who will take the pain to read this article to the end will get it.

I would love to quickly run a brief introduction of myself before I continue – My name is Anthony Cee, I am a real estate expert dedicated to helping investors maintain maximum profit while investing in real estate. I am also the real estate manager with the result you’ve been looking for.

One major difference I have noticed between the rich and the poor is —“The poor focus their attention on luxurious properties while the rich are always looking out for investment property” — the poor buys while the rich invest

Understanding this difference is so very important because it is going to reprogram your approach when going for any property and will help you see everything your agent and broker is trying so hard to hide from you. You will be able to see beyond their distractions, keeping your eyes on numbers. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a genuis to become a successful Investor. It’s not rocket Science. Just pay attention and enjoy this article.

These strategies of world richest real estate investors is the first financial wisdom you need to become a billionaire real estate investor – your gateway to financial freedom and and emotional stability

It’s important to note that building this legacy does not take a day nor intensity but takes learning, consistency and compounding.

Without Compounded Smart investments, financial freedom is near impossible

Therefore it is necessary that anyone who wish to achieve financial freedom or build generational wealth using real estate understand properly the true measure of wealth because knowing where you are going to will help you realize when you get there.

The dictionary defines wealth as the state of being rich and affluent, having plentiful supply of material goods and money.

Having seen the definition of wealth, let’s, look closely at the true measure of wealth because our primary reason for investing in real estate is to generate wealth and become financially free.

I will tell a short story to illustrate this –

I lived in certain state in South-South Nigeria, between 2006 and 2014. I had a handful of friends in this state. My friends were mostly politicians, successful business people and military officers.

I recall like it was yesterday, I had this special friend who was a commissioner between 2008 and 2012. He lived in a luxurious apartment of about 8 bedroom and 3 living room mansion, in a large compound decorated with flowers, green areas and swimming pool. His compound also housed multiple guest rooms and a fleet of luxurious cars

Two years after he was removed from office, he had already sold all his cars, his house too was sold far below market value. Just within 3 years of leaving the office, this man went from a luxurious lifestyle to a life of lack because he never took time to build or learn how to build his asset column when he had the opportunity. He built and lived in a house that was a liability but thought it was an asset. This is because he was careless on the subject of investing.

“True wealth is how long you can survive if you have to retire actively today and still maintain your current expenses and lifestyle”. This is actually when you becomes financially free

Remember the poor buy luxurious properties while the rich buy investment property. The irony is that many poor people are currently looking rich while many rich people are currently looking poor and understanding where you stand today is very important.


Take just 5 seconds to reflect on this; if you were to lose your current means of income to fire accident, a sack letter or other uncertainties how long forward can you survive while maintaining your current lifestyle? The answer you get will help you understand where you stand.

Some people have secured a 10 years wealth, and to few others it’s generational wealth and this is exactly where I want you to be. Unfortunately a lot of people are living 30 days to a broke life. Their next pay check is the only deal they know. Vacation, luxurious apartments, luxurious cars and other goods of ostentation eat up their pay check before they arrive and most of them are living their lives on debt waiting for the next paycheck. These people might look rich on the surface but they are gradually drifting towards financial crises because they are careless on the subject of investing. They buy liabilities in the place of asset and it’s eating them up like parasites.

Smart Investors invests in smart deals with fastest returns on investment. These deals reproduces the Capital invested within the shortest time possible in form of income and continues to reproduce. These people continue to reinvest this income because they understand the power of compound interest. They continue to invest until their investment can take care of the luxurious cars, the bigger apartment, the vacation and wealth that last till the 4th generation and beyond.


Remember that without Compounded Smart investments, financial freedom is near impossible. Therefore insist on smart deals by doing your due diligence properly before putting your money on any deal. Remember to always have a goal and a business plan for every property Investment you might want to get involved in.

The most ugly thing today is that most people in our country believe they can only achieve financial freedom through crime. This is the exact reason Mr politician is stealing and Mr Citizen is fraudulent, the truth is that smart real estate investing can secure your future and you won’t need to indulge in any unholy activity. You don’t even need to be extremely wealthy to get started. Being extremely wealthy can only an added advantage if you are skilled in the art of investing.

Compounded Smart Investing is the surest way to financial freedom and emotional stability.

Donald Bren started as a carpenter and with tens of dollars, indulged in smart real Estate investing and is today worth 16.9 billion US dollars to emerge 32nd richest man in the world.

Robert Kiyosaki lost everything in 1979, learnt realestate investing and is today worth 80 million United States dollars

Donald Trump went broke in 1990 and and his multiple real estate investments were the only security that secured him loans from the banks and today, he is worth over 2 billion dollars

When the billionaire Femi Otedola lost everything to the oil crash of 2008, he was able to bounce back by the help of his 184 appartments in Lagos. Today he is the 3rd richest person in Nigeria, with net worth averaging 1.8 billion US dollar.

Smart real estate investors leverage on stability in property valuations compared to the high volatility observed in the equity market, regular cash flows in the form of monthly rent from tenants, benefits of amortization as rent from tenants pay down the debt and help create long-term wealth. Tax benefits available in the form of depreciation, high appreciation rate of property value in smart locations, and availability of leverage which allows one to purchase property worth four times the money they currently have.

If you made it this far, congratulations. Now let’s see the 5 major qualities of most successful real estate investors in the world. Remember to contact me at the end of this article as I will be looking forward to helping you make smart Investment decisions that guarantees fastest Returns on investment – your gateway to financial freedom

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1 – MARKET RESEARCH – The very first quality of successful investors is that they research the market using data and not people. Most people make the big mistake when they start believing people they meet at social gatherings and get together, sometimes even at Religious gatherings. The truth is that everyone is trying to sell something to someone and most of this people are being economic with the truth. They are just desperate to sell because they just want to meet up with target and to the detriment of their customers/client. These people put their interest above customers interest. They just need the sales and that’s all that matters.

You will definitely meet a lot of people who just want to sell you something and a few people who would always want to tell you the truth. Its therefore necessary to carry out a personal research using data and information available to us via the internet.

For instance a property could be projected to produce over 200% Returns on investments. As a smart investor if this property catches your interest this is where your research starts.

. This takes us to the two levels of researching.

LEVEL 1 – Research using online sources to evaluate the market, based on data from government, institutions and market participants (including private, residential and commercial/industrial investors). This research will emphatically tell you if your precise choice of location is growing, is stagnant or if People are moving out of the area. I can give you examples of fastest growing areas, stagnant areas and areas where people are moving out within Lagos to help you make great investment decision if you succeed in booking a successful appointment with me, using the orange button at the end of this article or you can chat me up on WhatsApp immediately

LEVEL 2 – Is where you put on your boots and visit the location. In this visit, you will realize that one part of this location could be a good area while another part could be bad.

A typical example is the case of a lady who called me after reading my article – Where will my Investment in real estate be profitable. Because this article explained a lot about Ibeju-lekki, she booked an appointment

At our meeting, she told me how her 3 years old investment in Ibeju-lekki have produced very slow returns. I had to show her list of proprieties I invested in and others I helped people to invest in too that have produce over 150% returns within 12 months. I went ahead to explain to her that Ibeju-lekki covers a total area of 455,000,000sqm which is over 250 times the size of Ikoyi (Ikoyi covers an area of 1,630,000sqm). Therefore some locations are developing 10 times faster than others within the area while some locations will come from behind to outgrow other locations still within the same town and some locations will end up being slum like Ajegunle or Mushin. She got the point immediately and and asked me to help her recommend properties within a budget she presented to me. I helped her and she made a great investment decision. Today her testimony is published on my site.

The truth is that you are going to have people that just want to sell you something and you will still have the ones that will be telling you the truth. This is why I am recommending you read – FIVE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK BEFORE INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE

2 – KNOW THE SPEED OF RETURNS BEFORE INVESTING – Smart investors are able to forecast returns on investment with high precision before putting their money on any deal. They never make the mistake of treating real estate as a buy and hope stuff like most people do. Buy and hope might work for a few people but Successful Investors are able to see the outcome of an investment before Investing. Understanding where the market is moving to and being able to forecast when the property will reproduce the initial money invested is what smart investors do and they do it well using comprehensive due diligence. This can be achieved through rent, flip, property appreciation or Value add etc

The ability to forecast the speed of returns on your investment before putting in your hard earned money or resources is a very important quality that have produced a lot of successful real estate Investors including myself.


3 – COMPREHENSIVE DUE DILIGENCE – Successful Investors understand their potential investment in order to determine the necessary actions that determines their Investment goals.

They understand perfectly the title of the property on their purchase intent and it’s implications. They also understand the cost of perfecting the documents and other overhead cost in running the property. They go further to determine how they intend to run the management of the property before acquiring it.

This understanding helps them make best decisions that produce best result.


4-CLEAR-CUT BUSINESS PLAN – Smart Investors Compile all the data, research and Due diligence they gathered into a precise action plan

This action plan gives them direction and keeps them accountable to produce desired result. It outlines required actions, finacial implication and anticipated result and returns on investment.

If you are working with a team of investors, business plan will help you build credibility and trust because Investors will happily hand you over their millions if you can make them see where the investment is going to with precision.The essence of every investment is to generate income and maximize profit.

Having a clear cut business plan is a very important attribute of every successful Investor but unfortunately, research have shown that over 90% of Nigerian Real Estate investors don’t have business plan and this explains why many real estate investors fail in Nigeria.

5 – DETAILED REPORTING AND ACCOUNTING Smart Investors have a detailed reporting for every expenses made and every income generated from the property.

Expenses includes initial cost of purchase, cost of documentation, cost of development and every expenses made in securing, developing and running the property which includes all overhead cost, upgrades and renovations.

Adequate reports at the management level covers occupancy, vacancy, completed units, uncompleted units and how long they have been in that state, state of property, makeshifts and monitoring the heart beat of the community to understand the market demand and areas that could be improved upon to optimize rent, maximize profit and keeping the property value at optimal because the essence of real estate investment is generate maximum income.

We have also realize that one of the factors that keep apartments from not being rented for too long is lack of accounting and reporting. Because incoming tenants carry out due diligence too and they know properties that are poorly managed. Quality tenants are looking for properly managed apartments and your income will be determined by the quality of tenants you attract.

It is very important for every investor to understand that smart real estate investing is not a get rich quick scheme, However it’s a get rich for sure .

A Smart real estate investment is like planting an economic tree on a good and fertile soil, taking care of this tree, knowing that it will take care of you for lifetime and even to the fourth generation

Secondly a lot of people believe that real estate investing is exclusively for the rich, fortunately this is not true. Although the rich are at a vantage position, but smart Investors go with the gold because they are Prudent in the art of investing.

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My name is Anthony Cee, I am a Real estate expert on a mission of helping investors make great choices and Smart investment decisions that maximizes profit while Investing and managing their real estate portfolios.

I would highly recommend you read up the continuation of this article here as it contains tons of value for both old and new Investors who wants to learn how to maximize profit using Cash Flow or Capital Gain Investing

You can talk to me directly using the yellow button or you can use the orange button to book an appointment . Let’s help you make that great investment decision that maximizes profit today.


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