For most people across the globe, SARS could mean a “virus’, over here in Nigeria it is an acronym for “Special Anti Robbery Squad” established in 1992 by the then police commissioner-Simeon Danladi Midenda. to help combat crime and rising case of armed robbery in the nation.

Nigerians started a protest on the 8th of October 2020 tagged #endSARS primarily because they believe that these men have overstepped their boundaries and regulations.

Surprisingly protesters demand was met in less than 7 days. These protesters now realised that they possess a degree of power and that this power is tied in their ability to make their voices heard in unison. Today it is a global protest and majority of the world most influential people and celebrities have joined.

if you have read up to to this point please permit me to quickly introduce myself –

My name is Anthony Cee, I am an investment experts dedicated to helping investors make smart investment decisions that maximizes profits and higher Returns on investments.

On this edition of my blog, I want to share with you five exclusive reasons why the “END SARS” protest will result to higher returns on Investment on real estate in Nigeria and why this is the best time to invest if you know how to buy right

The #endSARS protest might appear to be over but the real agitation have just started. There is a demand for better governance and a complete Re-structure of the system because most Nigerians believe that the old system isn’t working and it’s been messed up a long time and this has been a cog on the wheel of development in Nigeria.

People who lack depth in reasoning are beginning to speculate that this is the end of Nigeria but in reality this is the beginning of a new Nigeria, the Nigeria of our dreams is about to be born. The protest might be off the streets of Nigeria but have remained strong across it’s borders and media.

The ability for youths to stand up when things go wrong has been the backbone of most performing nations. – France, Italy, Britain, United States of America, Egypt etc and our youths have discovered this!!!


This time the real estate business is about to boom and smart locations will appreciate10x faster if investing is done right.

The following are five reasons why this will be the best time to join the Nigerian real estate market or increase your portfolio if you are already an investor..


If you look closely at the scene of this protest, you will realised that it is driving to nothing but good governance. And what does this mean? …a government that will be-

  • Responsible
  • Accountable
  • Disciplined and
  • People oriented.

And once this type of governance is achieved, it will lead to –

  • Peace
  • Transparency in government
  • Social justice
  • Equity
  • Security
  • And economic stability

This will go a long way to restore the lost confidence of Nigerians, as People will begin to invest and increase their investment portfolios in Nigeria as it haa already started.

Since this protest started for instance, I have received more calls from people who wants to invest in Real Estate than it have ever happened in a week.

Categorically, I helped 2 people buy properties last week and received over 21 calls, emails and whatsapp messages from interested investors. These are Nigeria’s who are already seeing the potentials of this protest and understand what will happen to the real estate business once things gets stable.

Because the demand for properties will increase, price will go up and this will mean massive returns on your investments if you buy right in smart locations.

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Some wealthy Nigerians do most of their property shopping in the UK, Dubai, USA etc because they no longer believe in the country.

Witnessing the birth of a new Nigeria will bring our Investors back home and increase demand for properties as it’s already started. Nigeria is getting ready to compete with Dubai and other top cities across the world in the near future

Always remember that higher demand will always result to increase in price and this means higher returns on your real estate investment if you buy today and buy right.


The protesters are demanding for a new constitution and the land use act is part of the injustice in it.

The land use act of 1978 cedes all land to the governor of the state. This is the reason people go through rigorous process to secure their land and make sure it’s free from government acquisition before initiating a buying process.

Nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money. As a result many people are afraid of buying Land in Nigeria because they don’t know how to conduct a land search to ascertain which land is free from government aquisition.

Abolition of the “Land use act” will have more people invest in Real Estate as it will increase the demand and price of Properties thereby increasing your returns on investment

Learn more on titles and documents that secure your real estate investment in Nigeria ➡️ HERE.


In the middle of this protest, Paystack a Nigerian company was bought by foreign investors at 200 million US dollars.

This shows that this protest has restored the confidence of foreign investors to Nigeria and more will continue to come in as the whole world antena is tuned to this direction.

Nigeria, the 7th most populated nation in the world needs good governance, peace and security to attract great investors because her population is the fertile ground needed for fast business growth.

The CEO of twitter “Jack Dorsey” has never hidden his interest on investing in Nigeria as he has also encouraged other investors to do same. He was one of the most influential people who later joined the #ENDSARS protest using his Twitter handle to solicit for Bitcoin donation for Nigerian protesters.

More foreign investors coming into Nigeria will speed up returns on investment because they will actually invest in real estate directly and indirectly, And will employ people who will also invest in the near future

This too will speed up Returns on investment for those who invested early and know how to buy right.

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Statistics show that over 85% of Nigerians in diaspora are not happy.

Staying away from family, friends and loved ones and missing everything that matters to you, working for 16 hours per-day in a country where you are treated as second class citizens is never the life any one wish for.

Unfortunately a lot of Nigerians have learnt to live with these because of the state of our nation.

You can agree with me that the Nigerian structure haa been messed up for a long time. It might be fair to say that any Nigerian who is below 30 or 35 years have rarely enjoyed good governance. As a result of this, most of our youths and able-bodied young and intelligent men and women have traveled out of Nigeria in search of a better life. 80% of the remaining people back home are looking for any possible means to leave the country believing that their destiny is tied in foreign Nations.

Once Nigeria is restructured and a new Nigeria is born, most of the unhappy Nigerians abroad will love to return home and most youths will cancel their travelling ambition because-

  • there will be more employment opportunities
  • there will be an environment that support their businesses like good road and electricity among others
  • there will be no police brutality and nobody will be scared of being cut off by stray bullets or harrased by Police.

This home coming will increase the demand for both residential and commercial properties there by increasing Cash Flow and Capital Gains on Properties.

Having seen five reasoning why #Endsars protest will result to higher Returns on investment in Nigeria, I would love to know your favourite investment Location and your reason for choosing that. This is because I would love to help you make this decision that guarantee fastest Returns on on your investments if you can reach out to me today by chatting me up on WhatsApp now or using the book appointment button at the end of this article

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My name is Anthony Cee, I am a real estate experts dedicated to helping investors make smart investment decisions that maintain maximum profit and guarantee higher Returns on investments. I’m also very skilled in the art of managing properties and portfolios to maintain maximum Cash flow. You can talk to me directly using yellow button or secure an appointment using the orange button below.

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