“SECRET” WHY  SMART PEOPLE RATHER RENT THAN BUY IN BANANA ISLAND-Ken’s secrets to becoming a multi millionaire real estate investor revealed

It’s true that everyone will not be a smart investor. There will definitely be people who will keep making mistake and will never care to have it corrected. Therefore I believe that this piece of information is going to be for a selected few…

Therefore if you find value in this, congratulations you are on your way to becoming a multi-billionaire investor.

“I am going to use two Life Stories as a case study for my narratives” to show you how smart people build long term wealth with the speed of light.

In 2016 a young millionaire celebrity, an entrepreneur, from Nkwere local government in Imo state, famous for blogging – Linda Ikeji bought a house in banana Island for 500 million naira, that is half a billion naira. Right?

Linda Ikeji’s 6 bedroom terrace in banana Island

Recently (in September 2020) we decided to do a rough evaluation on this 6 bedroom magnificent home, sitting on an approximately 500sqm of  land.

We realised that if Linda should decide to cash in on this property that it will be very difficult to see a buyer who will be willing to pay this initial cost of the property…

This means that after 4 years, this property can only be sold on deficit if the need should ever arise except a clever marketing strategy will be devised based on pure sentiment.

Probably One Olodo might want to showcase himself as the new almighty owner of the of the most rated celebrity mansion and if that fails to work, then I wonder what else will.

This reminds me of how 50cent ran a deficit on his Connecticus Mansion. Selling the property at 2.9 million dollars that is 84% less after 12 years of listing. He lost over 10 million dollars on this luxury..

50 Cents Connecticus Mansion, bought for $4.1 million, renovated with $6 million listed for 18.5million and finally sold for $2.9 million after 12 years of listing.

It’s understandable that Linda is not a smart investor, and all she wanted is the luxury and fame.

Off course she got it.


In 2015,  my friend Kennedy decided to explore the opportunities in real estate here in Lagos

He started with 120 million naira and he had his focus on distress sales and fastest developing areas.

He did this by surrounding himself with “experts who gives him information on verified distress sales and affordable properties in fastest developing areas“. Now read that again for insight…

Some times he buy these properties and develop them through Joint Ventures(JVs)

Recently ( between July and August) we decided to run an evaluation on Ken’s properties and realised that the 120 million naira have produced over 700 million!!!

Ken told me that he wants that 700million to produce at least 3 billion by 2030 and he is working towards that everday.

Ken is collecting an annual rental income of 16 million naira and by March 2021 when his ongoing project is ready, it will increase to 36 million per annum.

He lives in a 4 bedroom 70 million naira fully detached duplex on orchid road by second toll Gates Lekki and is comfortable with his family today.

It’s also Interesting to know…

Our last tour in banana Island revealed that over 30% of the apartments in there are empty and looking for tenants. Most unfortunately, some have been in this state for over 12 months. This means that their owners have lost over 12 months of rental income.


Becoming a smart investor begins by having what I would call “smart investors mindset”.

The difference between ken and linda can be found in the difference between a landlord’s and a smart investor

Ken is a smart investor while Linda is a celebrity landlord and this is the mindset that makes the whole difference.

How would you like your story to end…

I want you to write down what you would love to accomplish in your investment portfolio by the end of 2021 and start working towards it immediately….

“Yes Immediately not later. Later is the word that robs you off your goal. Start Now, Start Early Start Today”

We came to realize that the reasons a lot of investors fail is because they don’t work with a good real estate Advisory service .

About The Author-

Anthony Cee is a real estate experts on a mission of helping real estate investors achieve higher returns on investment.

He offers best real estate Advisory and management services that maximizes returns

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…We are dedicated to help you succeed”


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The difference between ken and linda can be found in the difference between a landlord's and a smart investor.

The difference between ken and linda can be found in the difference between a landlord’s and a smart investor.


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