Dear reader my name is Anthony, a real estate professional dedicated to helping investors maintain maximum profit while investing in Real Estate.

On this blog edition, I will love to share with you the four(4) golden reasons why smart investors are buying off Ibeju-Lekki and Epe.

Let’s dive straight in…


One may un-arguably say that Ibeju-lekki and Epe currently produces more capital appreciation than any other place in the world as of the time of writing this article

You already know that real estates thrive on 3 major factors – location, timing, and numbers,

Smart Real Estate Investors, invest for two key reasons – cash flow and capital gain. If you are investing in real estate for capital gain, the first place I am going to recommend for you is Ibeju-lekki/Epe. Strategic properties in these 2 locations are perfect for Land banking aimed at Capital appreciation

Please note that Ibeju-lekki Local Government Area occupies a total area of 455 million square metres.

This is one reason why smart investors find a 5x better deal than other Investors.

It’s also another reason why I advice every investor to step their foot on the property before making investment decision except you are dealing with a realtor you believe in – an expert

Make sure the realtor you are talking to understand the community master plan and is willing to use his knowledge to your advantage.



The local area known as Ibeju-Lekki is about to establish itself as a financial hub for Africa.

With the biggest refinery in Africa, 95% completed, The biggest fertilizer plant in Africa completed and ready for commissioning, the International free trade zone, currently housing over 70 multinational businesses, a proposed world class international airport, the proposed deepest sea port in Nigeria among other developments.

You can imagine how this will attract a lot of businesses in the future. Early investors who invested in smartest locations will find a million reasons to be grateful in a couple of years.

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Many people are not familiar with the concept of land banking.

Before I define the subject, it will be of more value that you understand how quickly you are losing your savings to inflation. The current inflation rate is as high as 15.97%. This means that you are actually losing 16% of your savings.

It might also interest you to know that the dollar have lost over 979% of its value since 1950

So you are Saving your money in the bank for a less than 2% annual interest while in reality you losing over 16% of the money Value.

Now think about banking this money in an investment that would have given you an over 15O% in annual Capital Appreciation.

Ok, do you still think smart Real Estate Investing as a rediculous way to bank?

Land banking is the practice of buying land as an investment, holding it for future use and making no specific plans for its development.

Smart people use Land banking to secure their money and also as a hedge against inflation and hyper inflation. Even in a recession, smart Real estate investors are the most financially secured people.

4 SMART LOCATIONS IN IBEJU-LEKKI IS BETTER THAN Stocks, Bonds, Treasury Bills and Cryptocurrencies COMBINED –

I am going to tell you the truth even when it hurts because I know that in a couple of years, you’ll find a way to say – “thank you Anthony“, and this will only be if you follow my advice and recommendation.

I know that many people are scared of investing in real estate especially here in Nigeria because of the fear of the unknown.

These people are either lazy in carrying out due diligence or are too busy running round in circles with that same old excuse – “I don’t have time”.

Let’s face it – If you are going to invest in anything, you must create time for it, and do your due diligence. “Remember that the pain of regret is always worst than the pain of discipline

Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing

  • Miles Davis

Which is better…
Investing in a real asset or investing in a virtual asset?

Now you might need an open mind to understand this – You buy a company share and of course you don’t know who will be the next management or which decisions will be made next on your investment. You are simply making the management of these corporations richer. You are a good sponsor and a bad finacial analyst. .

And You do same with cryptocurrency, a 100% virtual investment with no intrinsic value, no scalability and not backed up by any institution, it’s value revolves around the people that use it and your password/virtual key is your only access to this.

This might explain why Warren Buffet defines cryptocurrency as the next bubble.

“It doesn’t make sense. This thing is not regulated. It’s not under control. It’s not under the supervision [of] any…United States Federal Reserve or any other central bank. I don’t believe in this whole thing at all. I think it’s going to implode.”

— Warren Buffett

I can most assuredly tell you that with a detailed due diligence, that a real estate investment will never go wrong. And I repeat “will never go wrong”

One important thing that most people ignore is creating alliance with a real estate experts who understands how to carry out due diligence properly.

A comprehensive due diligence will help you ascertain with high accuracy –

  • The safety of your property
  • Future overhead costs
  • Estimated capital appreciation on that particular property
  • Expected Returns on investment, and
  • Exit strategy.

Always remember that real estate thrive on four major things –

  • Information
  • Location
  • Timing and
  • Detailed due diligence.

Are you against having a one on one meeting with me?.

The bad news is that while you are procastinating on this, smart Investors are earning huge Capital Appreciation on their Investment already.

The good news is that you can start today!!!


Why Five Oaks Residences?

– It’s strategically located 1 minute off the Lekki Epe Expressway

– it’s beside the popular JIU HUA GROUP, directly facing Eleko Road

– Over 150% returns on investment guaranteed

Enjoy serenity, peace and tranquility on an investment that guarantees over 150% returns on investment (ROI) per annum

Welcome to – BEACHFRONT PARK & GARDENS ESTATE 2 – I know you missed phase 1. Phase 2 is currently selling out fast

Location – Off Eleko Road, Ibeju-Lekki, Less than 5 minutes from Eleko Beach.

Strategically located in Shapati community of Bogije, one of the emerging prime investment location

its a dream come through for everyone who desires a home and investments that averages 150% returns on investment per annum 

A new opportunity knocks as we unveil Prosperity Gardens Phase 2 – a perfect dry land guaranteeing very fast returns on investment (ROI)

Location – Ilagbo Community Ibeju Lekki, less than 5 minutes drive after Dangote Private Jetty.and less than five minutes to L’acampaine Tropicana and Dangote quarters


CURRENT PROMO – Buy 5 Plots, Get 1 Plot Free



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