I still hear him shouting;  “Tony take the shot”.

I took the shot and it went wide…

It was my first training with him, and we were preparing for an important match which I was going to debut in.

He called me to the side line, shook my hand aggressively and said to me “Our aim is to win, the only way to do this is to shoot at any chance you get. The fancies don’t count only the goal does”

Talking into my ear directly he said; ” there is no perfect opportunity so make use of them as they come.

I went back to the training and each goal I missed built my confidence.

Two days later, I was playing my debut match and it was a semi final.

I came in from the bench at 67th minute and each time the ball got to me at a vantage position, I hear the echo again, “Tony take the shot” this time it’s my subconscious speaking to me.

We were losing 0 to 1 goal when I joined the game, substituting Caleb on the attacking position. 

It was magical moments as I  scored the 2 goals that gave us Victory

I became the man of the match from the bench on a debut match.

I left Aba a year later and never furthered my football career.

But the voice keep sounding in my head “Tony take the shot”

This single phrase have  changed my life and because I kept taking the shots Without waiting for a perfect chance, I kept winning, and you can call this the secret to my success.

Please always remember to do your analysis and calculate your risk but never be overtaken by what I would call “analysis-paralysis”.

Today I want to challenge you to take that shot because you loose 100% of the shots you never took.

So take that short now!!!

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