Anthony Cee is a Real Estate expert, dedicated to helping you make great choices and smart investment decisions that maintains and maximizes profit — a road map to financial freedom . 

Offering best real estate Advisory and management services and in direct partnership with top real estate Development Companies across Nigeria London and Dubai, Anthony is dedicated to helping you make informed decision that Maximizes Profit and increases Returns On Investment (ROI)

Anthony have represented over 300 hundred people, industry professionals both in Nigeria and diaspora who have the resources but lack the time and people who are scared of dealing witht uncertainties in Real Estate investing.

I help you handle your due diligence while you run your other businesses. I guarantee Result

My Success is rooted deeply in understanding the real estate industry across Nigeria, London and Dubai, and using my wealth of knowledge to serve your interest, making sure you have complete advantage on every deal.


To help You Achieve Financial freedom and Build Generational wealth


  •  Sourcing for the very best real estate investment deals and opportunities
  •  Making such deals available to you on a platter
  • Educating you on techniques of maintaining maximum profit while investing in real estate
  • Helping you achieve financial freedom via real estate investment
  • Helping ordinary people, become extra ordinary through Coaching and Mentorship
  • Raising billionaire real estate investors. 

Core Values

Anthony built a team of EXPERTS to help you succeed —

  • E=Experience – A team of experienced and dedicated consultants
  • X =Xenial – Because your interest is my priority
  • P=Partnership – And In partnership with best real estate developers across Nigeria, London and Dubai
  • E=Excellence – You are sure of excellent result
  • R=Responsibility – Because we are very responsive to your request
  • T=Trustworthy – You are sure, double sure of getting the best deals without flexing a muscle
  • S=Solution – Bring in all your concerns on real estate investing/housing and you are sure of a lasting solution and happiness.