Genesis Court Ajah, Lagos

With you on our mind, GENESIS COURT is designed to be a well organized, safe and serene neighbourhood within the heart of Lagos; that offers middle and upper class Lagosians an opportunity to reside among like minded people. Genesis Court is a well managed residential estate located in the Ajah area of Lagos State. It’s ideal to return to a home & community that offers security, peace of mind, serenity, facilities and ambiance comparable to living standards in developed countries. Everything You Need In One Place!

Location — Badore Ajah next to Cooperative Villa estate

The estate management is very open to introducing a central generator(via an IPP) that will provide guaranteed 24/7 power to residents, once the number of resident families makes that economically viable.

Infrastructure in place include:

Well Interlocked Roads

& Walkways Effective



Estate Recreation Park (Sit out)

& Children’s PlaygroundHorticulture (Well maintained Trees & Flowers)

Solar Street Lights

Private Uniformed Security in Addition to Mobile Police

CCTV Surveillance


Detached Duplexes

The estate building control regulations permit fully detached duplexes on any land size, starting from 400sqm; which is the minimum plot size in the estate.

Semi-Detached Duplexes

The estate building control regulations permit Semi-detached duplexes on plots from 500 Sqm Upward.

Terraced Duplexes

The estate building control regulations permit terraced duplexes on large plots, so far the necessary regulatory set back requirements are satisfied, and each unit has parking space for at least 2 cars.

Block of Flats

The estate has specific large plots at the end sections of each road, that are specially set aside for development of blocks of apartment . Subscribers can purchase these plots and build apartment blocks, but also have to ensure necessary regulatory set back and parking space requirements are satisfied.


Outright Payment — ₦30,000/Sqm 6 Months Installment


For more information

If this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, then click Here to see all our projects or call +2348181332244

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