Would you love to have it here?

Let me quickly tell you about ADIVA.

Adiva Plainfields is a gated residential community right inside the popular BEECHWOOD estate, offering attractive homes and serviced plots to prospective buyers. The Estate is developed in phases and on completion, will hold over 1200 homes.

It is a quality mixed-use development which has its own infrastructural amenities including roads, power and water supply systems and a state of the art drainage system which has proven capable of handling torrential rains.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery and accessible services, residents will have access to Adiva Gardens, a beautiful garden right in the heart of the estate, a children’s play area, commercial and retail centers for convenient shopping, making their living experience even more comfortable.

450 sqm in Adiva is currently selling for 11 million and price can be reviewed upward soon.


Pan Atlantic University
Cocharis Motors
Spring field Schools
Omu Resorts and nature park
The Lekkfree trade zone
Eleko Beach Resort
The Eleganza Industry
The Jing Hua Group of Companies

Among others


Paved Roads

 Drainage system

 Power supply

 Water supply

 Recreational Park

 Commercial Areas

 24 Hous Security Patrol

 Property Documentation


 Public Park

 Unique Modular Design

 Lake Promenade

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